Friday, March 5, 2010

Went To USO Show - Aug 30, 1945

Aug. 30, 1945

Dear Mother,

Well blow me down! Here it is another sunny day. It looked for a while like rain was on the menu permanent like, but for two days now we have had wonderful fall weather.
Some one must have given mail service a blood transfusion. I have received letters from you and Vanita in six days. Now if they just speed letters going the other way up a little - why who could ask for more.
We had a couple USO shows playing here at Augsburg this week, and I went to both of them. One was the Broadway hit play "Blithe Spirit" - It was a very good play about a mans first wife who came back as a spirit. No one but the man could see or hear her. So you can see the hot water he got into with his second wife.
The other was "Flying High". It was just a vaudeville and about like average. Gals, Gags, and songs.
I received your birthday card and here is a word of thanks to all. I just wish I was in a position to thank you personally.
Those old St. Louis Red birds are sure burning up the diamond on that home stretch. Here's luck to them I hope they win again this year.
You probably have lots of work to do this morning - so I'll say Bye-now - and leave you toil in peace with all my Love to help you out

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