Friday, March 12, 2010

Hectic Week end - Sept 9, 1945

Sept. 9, 1945

Dear Mother,

This has been a hectic week end. I don't know if it's possible or not but I'll try to make my hand and eyes track together long enough to beat out this letter.
Friday night the company had a small party - with cognac, rum, wine, and beer. It shouldn't have been bad but they didn't have enough of any one to last out the night. So during the course of events a little of each was consumed. Boy oh boy! What that does to your head the next morning.
I received your letter of the third this morning. From the sounds of things the advertising business should be good for a while next year. It would be nice if Dad gets some good salesmen trained so he can help us get started producing again.
Things have been happening around Springfield, haven't they? It seems funny Junior with a baby. I wonder which one it will look like.
Too bad about Clifford, but maybe he will think twice before hoping trucks in the near future.
You know it's hard to think of Millie and Roy out of the restaurant business. I wonder will they stay out or is it just wishful thinking. I wish them a lot of luck and hope they can stay out longer than they did before.
Darn but time flies - sometimes. At any rate the rattle of mess kits says it's chow time. We have ice cream and cake today so I can't afford to be late.
So I'll say Good-bye with loads of Love.

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