Sunday, December 6, 2009

48 Hours In Paris - Dec 15, 1944

Dec 15, 1944

Dear Mother,

I can just see you fixing up things for Christmas. Who is going to be there this year, all the old crowd? Wish I could be one of them - Yes indeed.
I know what they mean when they say - "How do you expect to keep them down on the farm after they see Parie." I spent forty-eight hours there - and just between you and me they were right. A description of Paris is beyond my ability. In some ways it's like New York but mostly it's just Paris. In forty-eight hours you can do one of three things - Go shopping - Go sightseeing - or Visit the bars. We got there too late in the evening to go shopping or sightseeing.
In between bars we managed to see a number of famous places. Most of them within walking distance of our hotel. Maybe someday when this is all over we can all come over and see Parie together.
I got a letter from Grandad the other day. Am glad to hear he is not staying in the home place alone anymore. Maybe it'll keep him from thinking too much about his health.

I'll bid you all goodnight for now.


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