Sunday, December 27, 2009

We Have Hot Showers - Feb 17, 1945

Feb. 17, 1945

Dear Mother,

Your three little boxes arrived today. The two with the carmels and the one with the pencil. Just a minute and I'll try it out. - Now we'll see how it works. - Not bad, not bad at all.
I finally got my package to you off today. Mostly it's odds and ends of stuff - mostly red parachute cloth. Maybe you can make something for yourself and Puggie or maybe for Linda Lee or Joanna. The cloth is a little dirty but not too bad.
One of the best things over here are the showers they set up. They have shower units in tents that keep right along with the rest of the outfit. All they need is a stream or river, and presto! Hot showers! It's one place you walk into dirty, muddy, and greasy - ten minutes later you walk out a new man. A little bit of hot water makes all the difference in the world.
Did I tell you that Dave's address came a short time ago? I was surprised to hear he was in the O.M. Had I received the earlier address I might have looked him up in person. I have passed his outfit several times in the past.
Thanks a million for the packages. Love to you all.

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