Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother - Jan 25, 1945

Jan 25, 1945

Dear Mother,

A Happy Birthday to you this fine January day. And may you have many more happy ones. How many candles are you putting on the cake this year? The right amount or the usual twenty-five? By the way I have one lit over here you can blow out while you're puffing.
Thank you for the box of bolts. (That's what it said on the end of the box). They were good eating despite that. When you stop to think of it - it's surprising the things I've eaten sense being in the army.
Oh yes! I have a little something to send you one of these days soon. I picked up part of a red parachute the other day. After it dries out I'll rip the seams out and send you several of the strips of goods. I think it's nylon - don't quote me but that's my opinion. I'll let you know when I get it on the way. Maybe you can make blouses, skirts or something in your spare moments.
Once again I bid you Happy Birthday with all my Love.
Now good night, maybe we'll meet in dream land.
So till then Love

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