Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Year Almost Gone - Dec 26, 1944

Dec 26, 1944

Dear Mother,

Another year almost gone - it hardly seems possible.
Christmas was a nice day - real cold with sunshine. We had a big turkey dinner - without much of the trimmings. We topped this off with a keg of beer. All in all it was about as good a day as could be expected - for not being home.
Also your package containing cookies and candy arrived just before Christmas. I don't believe it could have gotten here at a better time.
Vanita said she sent some packages, but she sent them all to the replacement depot - so it's hard to say just when they will catch up - if ever.
Hows the colds making out this winter? You got a colt in your nose? I hope all of you get by without too many colds. We live outside so much I never know whether I have a cold or if my nose just runs to keep warm.
It's time to say - bye now.

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