Friday, December 25, 2009

I'll Send That Box Later - Feb 7, 1945

Feb 7, 1945

Dear Mother,

It will be a little time before I get to send that box I spoke of a while back. It's a matter of getting some more stuff of some kind to fill up the box I have. I'll give you a buzz when it's ready to roll.
Dad had better start using that "Y" membership. If he's waiting for me, I'm afraid I'll be a little late. He had better take advantage of my absence to get in shape gradually. It hurts less that way.
Sometimes I almost think my packages were among that ten percent lost due to enemy action. Either that or they are ashamed to be sending Christmas packages so late, and are keeping them.
You know what! I got a letter from Emily Register yesterday. It was quite a surprise, right out of a clear sky. I'll have to answer right away so to you I'll bid goodnight.

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