Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Request In Here - Dec. 1, 1944

Dec 1, 1944

Dear Mother,
I don't know if you are getting absent minded or maybe it was an accident. I just received your air-mail letter of Oct twenty-eight. And it didn't have a stamp or any sign that a stamp had ever been present. - The envelope was cancelled and nothing said so guess nobody worried about it.
Eula's family sure likes to get married. Bob surprised me - getting married to an English gal. I wonder what ever happened to Jim. I don't recall hearing anything about him for a long time.

If you ever get any good reading material - Either fiction or technical books - send them this way will you? Reading material is powerful scarce except for French books, and they are like so much Greek.
Don't have much time for reading unless we're on the move. Then reading helps pass the time.

The time is coming nigh when I must say goodnight - so

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