Monday, December 14, 2009

The Mail Finally Found Me - Jan 4, 1945

Jan 4, 1945

Dear Mother,
They finally found out where I live now days. Yesterdays haul of mail netted about twenty letters for yours truly. I had begun to think someone was dead lettering my mail.
The letter with Dave's address isn't in this lot - maybe next time.
One of the letters had a drawing of a cabin. I looked it over and rather liked it's looks. Especially those built in bunks. It would be just the thing for parties of various sizes.
It's just as well that deal for the poster board fell through. It will be some time before we can get around to thinking of investments like that.
With a mile of shore line - that looks like our best bet. Especially with everyone wanting vacations - Yes.
Every time I think I have caught up on my work - Boom in comes a bunch more - it's a hard life.
Lots of Love from Me to You all


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