Friday, December 4, 2009

I Got A Stack Of Mail - Dec 4, 1944

Dec. 4, 1944

Dear Mother,

I got what you might call an assorted stack of mail. Letters dating anywhere from July to November. I'm not going to try to answer them as individuals.
Probably if I answered a question you asked in July you would wonder what in the h--- I was talking about - Unless you keep carbon copies of your letters - do you?
The two pictures of the place, showing the cliff you tried to climb around, was included in said batch of mail. From your description and pictures I don't think there is a doubt about where I'd like to be - Now and ever after.
I would like to have seen Dad in that gay and loud shirt of his. I can just picture why Stubby got all hot and bothered when he showed up with it on. Next time he should wear the overalls also - if they come in sizes that big around.
You wanted to know if your packages sent to the old address ever caught up. I tried to acknowledge them as they came but might have slipped up a time or two. To date I have received all you mentioned I believe. Thanks for each and every one.
Sometimes this mud she makes me mad. I was driving the jeep down the road when - zoom a truck barrels past. I had to spend the next five miles spitting mud. Now then I have to do a little equipment cleaning - so.
Bye till I get to the bottom of this dirty business.

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