Friday, December 18, 2009

Have You Ever Tasted Blood Sausage? - Jan. 15, 1945

Jan 15, 1945

Dear Mother,

Did you ever taste Blood sausage? I ate some the day for the first time. I liked it better than I expected to. The first time I heard of the stuff was back in France a ways. I found out you can't always tell the best things by their looks.
I'm glad to hear everybody was able to get down for Christmas. You must have had quite a house full - What did you do - stack them up like cord wood? Maybe next time. --- ---- ----
You must have heard from all the people we used to know. The Roberson's, Miss Sparks, the Albert's, Ola, and all the rest. It's nice hearing of them again.
Maybe I shouldn't bring this up, but you're going to have a birthday soon now. I'll have Dad give you a spanking for me by proxy - Yes.
That's all for now. Oceans of Love on your Birthday.

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