Friday, November 13, 2009

Chased By Mail - Aug. 23, 1944

Aug 23, 1944

Dear Mother,

Just received your letter of June seventh. I think the letter got waylaid someplace is the reason it took so long.
Thanks for the piece about the Ninth. I didn't know the fellow that did the walking. But that's the first news I've had from the old outfit for quite some time.
They have finally given us permission to use the address here at this replacement Depot. Had we started using it sooner we would be getting our mail in about ten to fifteen days. Instead the mail chases all over England and ends up by taking thirty to sixty days.
Now that I have a new address I will probably move on to another outfit. That's the way things happen.
That's about all that's new right now. Til later -
Love from me to you


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