Monday, November 2, 2009

That Was Some Cider - July 8, 1944

July 8, 1944

Dear Mother,

Did you get to visit the place over the fourth or did everyone work as usual? Come to think of it Vanita and Al should have been down over the fourth.
Things are pretty quiet here. The best part of our area is a small stream of water - In the afternoon both banks are lined with G.I.'s bathing or washing clothes. The water is cold as the devil but it feels good after the first plunge.
I just found out that some details aren't as bad as they look to be. Five of us got on one the other day that had some good points. In the first place we worked near a farm house. In the second place the farmer had a lot of cider - and in the third place we had a five gallon water can that happened to be empty. Add them all together and you get the same answer that we did. I don't know what they put in that cider but we accomplished more work than any two crews of men that day.
Be good until you hear from me again - till then.


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