Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Note From France - Nov. 1, 1944

Nov. 1, 1944

Dear Mother,

Mail from the past three months is finally catching up. - A little at a time. Now then I have an idea what goes on back yonder. It helps a lot when writing.
I also received a package of writing paper - with razor blades included. It was very timely thank you.
I am sending, under separate cover, a little something from France. I couldn't find anything for Dad, so I hope he doesn't feel slighted. I keep on the look out and maybe I can pick up a pair of Jerry binoculars for him.
There is also en route to St. Louis by way of the government three thousand eight hundred francs. Or in plain English seventy-six bucks. It should get there someday---.
That's all the dirt I can dig up for now - bye-

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