Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'll Bet It's Warm There - July 22, 1944

July 22, 1944

Dear Mother,

I suppose you are trying to find a cool spot about now - and maybe a nice cold drink - I'll take some of the same.
What does Dad think of the baseball situation? the question is - Can the Brownies hold on to their lead? I guess all St. Louis is asking that question. It'll be some fun if the two St. Louis clubs fight out the world series - Wow! That would be plain dynamite.
I'm enclosing some money you can look at. The fifty francs is French of course. A Franc is worth about two cents at the present.
The other cigar coupon is an English Pound note. It's worth about four dollars in good old greenbacks. I've got money of all kinds, or maybe I should say all kinds of money, and no place to spend it. So I'll be sending some home in a few days.
Did I tell you that we have advanced a step in our return to civilization. We no longer fix our own meals. We have a kitchen set up much like garrison days. There is a little more variety in our meals now.
All of this talk about food brings to mind that I am getting hungry. That combined with the fact that it is now chow time - leads me to the conclusion that this letter will have to be drawn to a close.
I hate to say Good Night so soon - but I must until later.


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