Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Wittle Wabbat - Aug. 15, 1944

Aug. 15, 1944

Dear Mother,

I almost didn't get this letter written. A little character interrupted just as I started writing. We have a Wittle Wabbit here that decided my tent would make a good home. As long as he doesn't eat my hay mattress I shall not care.
I can just guess how Dad feels about the government and their love for changes and moves. He does seem to hit places about that time too. He has the right idea about not leaving St. Louis.
So you found Blackberries way back in June. They are just getting ripe over here. I found a few ripe ones yesterday. Most of them are pretty small - no real big ones like we found in Kansas.
I would like to have seen the Old Man sitting in the middle of the suit case with a mattress on top of him. I'll bet Grandma liked having her hat squashed with all that beef.
I just received your letter of July 3. The description of a night in the Ozarks is very good and just about hits it on the head. It's about the best description I have ever read.
Did Floyd get deferred or does he miss the age limit for the draft now. There for a while he was expecting to be called. I was wondering what happened if anything.

Love to all the family.


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