Thursday, November 26, 2009

We Made A Heater - Nov 8, 1944

Nov. 8 1944

Dear Mother,

How is everyone making out? I saw in the paper that temperatures hit eighty in St. Louis the other day. So reckon sweating out the season was experienced by everyone.
You can read in the paper what kind of weather we are having. What I could add about it would not add to your knowledge. But just foul up the air more.
The section I'm in is really looking out for our own interest. We made an oil burner to heat our room - feels good too. But not being contents with warmth alone, we must have contentment so we all chipped in and purchased a radio. The radio cost us fourteen bucks a piece or on hundred and twenty all together. As long as we have to stay over here we might just as well make things as livable as possible.
I'm always thinking of you and all the rest at home, bye with all my

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