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Not Much New - Oct. 16, 1944

Oct. 16, 1944

Dear Mother,
I thought I was going to write a letter when I sat down here. But now there doesn't seem to be anything to write about. Everything is quiet around, no excitement what so ever.
Did Puggie ever take her vacation? The last letter I got said she was thinking about it. I want to hear all the inside dope on said vacation, or maybe one of the letters I haven't received yet has the lowdown incorporated within.
I understand that a lot of people back home are worried about soldiers being kissed by French maidens. Maybe I get into the wrong towns, but most of them I have encountered seamed to be satisfied just shaking hands. The only time I got kissed on both cheeks in the proverbial French manner was by a French MAN - and he was three sheets to the wind. I was trying to get that way but the bottle went dry too soon.
Did the world series turn out to everyones satisfaction? How many games did Dad get to see? I would like to have seen this years world series. - OK well maybe next time.
More fun than a barrel of monkeys. Before me sits one fellow blowing his top over one of his girlfriends. It seems she is working at an army camp - and he thinks he know all about soldiers. Maybe he's got something.
Also another young gentleman is trying to do a little sewing. I hate to laugh but he has the darndest time keeping his finger and the needle from meeting. And it's always the point he gets.

Well time marches on. - So must I.


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