Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sharing My Bed With A Bee - Sept. 4, 1944

Sept. 4, 1944

Dear Mother,

How are all the Register's, both big and little? All on this side of the world are getting along fine under the circumstances.
The French claim the rainy season is due to start next month. If this is their dry season I think I'll trade my pup tent for a houseboat when the rainy season gets here.
I'm about to get mad at some bees I know. I was just about to get a couple hours extra sleep this morning. By chance I rolled right on top of a bee using my pillow for a bed. That bee won't bother any more people, but that satisfaction didn't help my neck much.
Letter writing is something of a job around here. I write a few lines and stop and do something else. I'm going to bring this one to a close for now.
Until later all my love to all at home


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